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Barry Burch

E. Oscar Alleyne
Junior Grand Warden,
Grand Lodge of New York;
Past Master, Wappingers Lodge No. 671;
Fellow, Philalethes Society

Ed Burridge

John Bizzack
Master, Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington Kentucky;
Author, Island Freemasonry

Douglas L. Caudle
Douglas L. Caudle

Secretary, MRF; Past Grand Master, Grand Lodge of North Carolina; Past Master, Sophia Lodge No. 767, Salisbury, North Carolina

Robert G. Davis

Robert G. Davis
Past Master, Guildhall Lodge No. 553, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
Past President, Philalethes Society;
Past President, MRF

Andrew Hammer
Andrew Hammer
President, MRF;
Past Grand Chancellor, Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, F.A.A.M.;
Past Grand Orator, Grand Lodge of North Carolina, A.F & A.M.


What is the MRF Symposium?
The MRF Symposium is a meeting place for Masons who are seeking the highest form of Masonic experience they can attain within their lodges, while strictly conforming to the laws, resolutions, and edicts of their respective grand lodges. It is a gathering for those who pursue quality in the Craft to share ideas and discuss their work. The Symposium begins on Friday evening at 7:30 PM, with a Harmony in the Montezuma Lodge Dining Hall, and concludes before noon on Sunday. As always, we have assembled an excellent program of speakers and presenters to share their light with you.

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Who May Attend the Symposium?
Any Mason in good standing may register for the Symposium, provided he is a member of a Grand Lodge which is a member of, or is recognized by any one of the Grand Lodges which are members of, the Conference of Grand Masters of North America, or the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Ireland, or the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Full Registration for the Symposium is $125.00.

Topics and Panels
- The Sins of Our Masonic Fathers
- Freemasonry and the Popular Culture of Men
- Observant Masonry: Where Are We Now?
- Building A Culture of Excellence in Western Lodges
- M is for Perseverance
- The Transformation of a Lodge
- The Place of Charity in the Observant Lodge
- Admit Him If Properly Clothed
- Motivating the Best Practices in Your Lodge

Download the full program in PDF format

MRF Program PDF file

Keynote Address: John Bizzack, Master, Lexington Lodge No. 1, Lexington, Kentucky
John Bizzack is Master of Lexington Lodge No. 1, under the Grand Lodge of Kentucky. A prolific Masonic author, Brother Bizzack is a provocative speaker whose lectures are always backed up by his research of Masonic history. Author of Island Freemasonry, his presentation as our Keynote Speaker for the Harmony on Friday evening, entitled The Sins of Our Masonic Fathers, is sure to make every brother think about where we are today and how we got here.

Opening Address: Robert G, Davis, PM,
Guildhall Lodge No. 553

Robert G. Davis is a Past Master of three Masonic Lodges, and served as the charter Master of Guildhall No. 553, an observant Lodge in Oklahoma. He is a Past President of the Masonic Restoration Foundation, as well as the Philalethes Society, of which he is also a Fellow. He is the author of The Mason’s Words, as well as Understanding Manhood in America: Freemasonry’s Enduring Quest for the Mature Masculine. We are delighted to have him deliver the Opening Address for this year’s Symposium on Saturday morning.

Closing Address: MW Adam Hathaway, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of New Mexico
We are honored to have MW Adam Hathaway, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico, to deliver the closing address of the Symposium on Sunday morning. Most Worshipful Hathaway will be speaking on how to motivate the best practices out of a lodge, and he speaks from the experience of having done that himself with his own lodge in New Mexico.


Philip Durell
Adam Hathaway
Grand Master,
Grand Lodge of New Mexico;
Past Master, Sandia Mountain Lodge No. 72

Tom Jackson
Scott Jaquith
Master, Montezuma Lodge No. 1, Santa Fe, New Mexico;
Past Master, Cerrillos Lodge No. 19, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tom Jackson

Thomas Pierce
Past Grand Orator, Grand Lodge of Oregon; Master Tigard-Orenomah Lodge No. 207

Douglas Russell

Dago Rodriguez

Past Master, South Pasadena Lodge No. 290, South Pasadena, California;
Senior Warden, Southern California Research Lodge

Mark Toon
John Tolbert
Past Master,
San Marcos Lodge No. 342,
San Marcos, Texas;
Masonic Education & Services Committee, Grand Lodge of Texas

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MRF Symposium 2018